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Why I talk to Strangers

by Ruby Bisson Hebrews 13:2- ‘Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing, some people have entertained angels without knowing it.’ Talking to strangers has always been something I’ve been comfortable with. I thrive in a room where no one knows my name or anything about that time I was caught with the guy down the road (or with one too many drinks in my system). I enjoy the power it gives me, the power to recreate myself every time. I love knowing that there are hundreds of stories to devour right there, right in front of me. I get excited, nervous almost, to grab a hold of as many as I can, treating them as these special little nuggets of humanity. When I recently went on a backpacking adventure alone, I knew it was up to me to ensure that I had company along the way and to maintain to courage to do so. This meant finding strangers to make friends with, developing a level of comfort that extended beyond the ‘we should catch up …

All I want for Christmas is you. 

Erin Rose Christmas is a loaded holiday. Some of our earliest memories and home movies are of Christmas morning, sleepy eyed, and pajama clad stumbling down the hallway. Our parents sipped coffee, and sat back as some make believe man took all the credit for what they had done, what they had saved all year for. This season is filled with equal parts joy and anxiety– the hustle, the travels, the money, and the family time. But how do we sift through it? How can we distill the true essence of this season? I recently watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and I realised that as per usual, Mr. Dr. Seuss had the message perfectly wrapped up inside of those rhymes. The only reason the Grinch is such an asshole is because thinks Christmas is nothing more than consumerism, gaiety disguised in gluttony. He tries to destroy Christmas by stealing presents because he doesn’t believe it could go on existing without them. But to his astonishment, they sing their songs anyway! And he realizes, “It came …

We Gather

by Erin Rose I leave tomorrow morning for Minneapolis. This one wasn’t planned. They never are. Why does it feel we are always gathering together for funerals? I request someone get married or birth a child, give us a different reason to gather. But, nevertheless, we gather. All the women will wear scarfs and pearls because we will hear Joanne whisper in our ears while we dress. I suspect we will hear her until we join her. I doubt I will ever meet another woman with as much class and elegance as my grandmother had. She set the bar high, very high, in my life; in regards of what it meant to be a lady, what it meant to be a woman, what it meant to be a person. She was tough as steel, sharp as a blade, kind as a child, smart as a scholar, and more stylish than I could ever properly appreciate. We gather because she was our leader, under her wing we were created, a legion of Mahoney’s.