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The warmest colours of Malta

On an adventure through my hard drive recently, I stumbled across these photos from a trip I took after I finished my undergraduate degree in 2013. At the beginning of the holiday, I spent a few weeks in Malta with family, and as luck would have it a few uni friends were over there at the same time- visiting their respective families (who knew that so many people had Maltese relatives?) (you probably did) (we are everywhere). Suffice to say it was an amazing experience- I ate and drank way too much (pastizzi and Kinnie forever and ever). Fortunately, we spent so much time swimming and walking and dancing, so the damage wasn’t as bad as it could have been. If you don’t know much about Maltese people, they are just about the most hospitable, kind and chatty souls you will come across (to generalise… but what a happy generalisation). My family (particularly my aunties, my cousin Lara and her friends) completely spoilt us- taking us to wine festivals, beaches, restaurants, parties and museums. If you …

Places to go: Top three artisan precincts in Tokyo

by Christina Sunario I am smitten with Japanese design! I love its dynamics: simplicity and functionalism married with the richness of  traditional Japanese art and culture. And then, of course, there is the detail of Japanese craftsmanship- not to mention the extensive use of natural materials such as timber and bamboo. Love! During my recent trip to Tokyo, I came across numbers of artisan shops and was completely taken by them. Below are the top three artisan precincts that are worth a visit:

Places to go: The Yarra Valley

by Chalsie Mew Weekends were made for adventure. Those two days off each week are the perfect reason to escape the city and explore the unknown. Why not take advantage of your weekends off to explore your home town? You know the language, you have access to a car, and there are no exchange rates! During winter I was seeking an escape. Them winter-blues had hit hard and I was dreaming of jumping on the next plan out of Melbourne. I then realised that I’d never been to the Yarra Valley before, and much to my surprise, it’s only an hours drive outside of Melbourne’s CBD. Not to mention it offers up our favourite things: food, drink and fresh air.

Places to go: Nature walks, swims and views in Sydney

by Ruby Bisson Hikes Pigeon House Mountain, 2.5kms (from Sydney: 3 hours & 30 minutes) For an incredible 360 degree view of the Australian landscape and coastline, this is definitely a must. Pack a picnic and plenty of water; take the coastal route when driving and your day will be the perfect balance of beach and bush scenery. The entry into the forest is on a dirt road and this