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Happy Friday!

This year we will be putting up a bunch of our favourite links from around the web each friday. This is mostly because the weekend is so close! We hope you soak up the sun (or adventure through the snow), take time to relax and read and listen and drink tea. x   A super cute DIY for watercolour table numbers (that double as water bottles!). A few scribbles of Revolutionary Women in the Arts. Oscar fashion over the years. Remember Hugh’s opening number? In case you missed these incredible photos. Take Me To Church sounds even better with a “magnifique surprise” gospel choir. Funny article about why it’s time to let it go of Let it Go. Andrea Costantini’s Where is my Mind series. Mermaids are real. And even though you’ve probably seen it, Maroon 5. Top image by Gray Malin- see more here.

How I came to be a professional scrapbooker

by Ruby Bisson I’m often greeted with a lingering eyebrow raise when I reveal that the person I stay with a couple of times a year is actually a 40-something year old with a house and kids of her own and that, more importantly, I met online when I was 13. I get similar strange, distant looks when I say I am a “professional” scrapbooker. Immediately people assume I adhere to the ‘clean desk, straight lines, mum- material’ stereotype. I entered the small scrapbooking pocket of the internet in an unlikely way. In year seven I started making jewellery, selling my necklaces and earrings from a little pink box in the school yard. I would walk from group to group and open up my case of ziplock bags and let the seniors flick through what I had to offer. If they were cool, I’d offer them well below cost price (50c a pair!). If they brought lunch money to school every day I’d increase the price- having money at school wasn’t exciting for them so …