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All I want for Christmas is you. 

Erin Rose Christmas is a loaded holiday. Some of our earliest memories and home movies are of Christmas morning, sleepy eyed, and pajama clad stumbling down the hallway. Our parents sipped coffee, and sat back as some make believe man took all the credit for what they had done, what they had saved all year for. This season is filled with equal parts joy and anxiety– the hustle, the travels, the money, and the family time. But how do we sift through it? How can we distill the true essence of this season? I recently watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and I realised that as per usual, Mr. Dr. Seuss had the message perfectly wrapped up inside of those rhymes. The only reason the Grinch is such an asshole is because thinks Christmas is nothing more than consumerism, gaiety disguised in gluttony. He tries to destroy Christmas by stealing presents because he doesn’t believe it could go on existing without them. But to his astonishment, they sing their songs anyway! And he realizes, “It came …

20 life lessons I learned on the Trans-Mongolian railway

by Matilda Grogan In August, my boyfriend and I spent three weeks travelling the 8000km from Beijing to St Petersburg overland on the Trans-Mongolian railway. It’s kind of the train trip of a lifetime, an incredible journey, and definitely an experience that teaches you a few things (disclaimer: life lessons may be extremely specific to the Trans-Mongolian railway).