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Flower Power: the best flowers currently in season

by Lana Coletto So it turns out that our liberated parents of the 70’s, with their oversized lime green and hot pink velvet floral patterns, were onto something. Who-da-thunk it – flower power is a thing! Research has shown that having fresh bunches of flowers in our homes or workspaces, helps to enhance the moods of both females and males. The most noticeable changes were seen in the feelings of happiness, wellbeing, calm and intimacy. As a part- time florist, flowers take up huge amounts of my time and I can definitely vouch for their positive vibes. They make a room look brighter and more inviting, they make a fab gift, and let’s face it – they are just so pretty! We have to look at and touch so many ugly things each day, and flowers are such an easy and effective way to create a stylish and aesthetically pleasing space.

Places to go: Perth coffee, food, shops and surf

by Lana Coletto Little ole Perth, all on our lonesome over here in the West. It’s okay, you can be honest— I am almost 98% sure that travelling across to Perth hasn’t even crossed your mind. It certainly isn’t known for its culture and coffee like Melbs or for the city slickness of Sydney. But as a former Eastern Stater I can honestly say that I love this city!