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You Never Forget Your First [Music Festival]: Yours & Owls, an after-thought.

by Kelsey Oke It’s in the after math, the moments post-encore: the party people lingering the streets, lazily, peacefully— skin still humming with artistic satisfaction. Aside from one rowdy car driving down the midnight street, it is just quiet. Quiet appreciation for the night that brought us here. Even the small crowds gathered on lawns and motel terraces share only soft mumbles, speaking privately to one another, intimate in the lull of night. And I am lingering lazily myself, drifting through this night like the warm early summer midnight breeze. It’s in the calm that has settled over this town, an after-effect blanket, warm in consensus that the show tonight was just right. Nothing to be upstaged or dragged carelessly through the streets. It was enough. It was fantastic.

Colours of the World

by Kelsey Oke I am sitting at a table made of bamboo at a café on the beach. Looking straight ahead, the deep aqua blue of the ocean rolls on by with the warm, salty 30-degree wind. I could feel that ocean on my skin if I took 15 steps forward. For now it is golden sand between my toes, fresh mango juice on ice and the shade of a dozen palm trees overhead. Flowers of purple and red, yellow and white frame this lunchtime view, the island of Koh Phangan in the near distance.