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Anna and her tiramisu

by Celeste Noche Anna is not a chef— she’s a nonna. That’s not to say she couldn’t cook on par with Mario Batali (omg that’d be the best Iron Chef battle ever) but rather, she doesn’t view herself as an expert in what she does even if I (and the rest of the DaVinci fam) might beg to differ. Not being a chef is what makes her special— she’s not an expert because she has no need to study or become a master— all of her skills and knowledge are innately part of who she is. She is a chef as much as she is a person but mostly, she’s a nonna. Every Sunday, Anna makes tiramisu for her family. She’s been married for 51 years to her husband Edo and they are the proud parents of two daughters and five grandchildren. When I asked her how she learned to cook, she didn’t have much to say except that what she knew only came from being in the kitchen with her own mother and mother-in-law. …

Movies without the Happily Ever After

by Amy Galea This post contains spoilers. However all of the films mentioned are more than two years old, so we decided that they’re all past the ‘spoiler statute of limitations’. Don’t get me wrong, I love films where love conquers all. Where, usually towards the end, she realises she’s too flighty or high- strung and he stops being either a drop kick or a womaniser (the two roles for men in Rom Coms). I love those great finale speeches: the “I hate it when you—” declarations that everyone knows actually means, “I love you, I’ve gotten over myself, we can be together now. ” And I particularly enjoy a good running scene where one character needs to tell the other how they feel, this usually happens at a wedding ceremony, or in the rain, or at a wedding ceremony in the rain. However, sometimes you need to take a breath, ‘take a break’ and look for something a little less aspiring, but a little more comforting. Because the dating world is tough. What’s more, even when …

Book Club: The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion

by Erin Rose Joan Didion is a master of words. Her work, her career, her ease with language is something that both inspires and frightens me. She has written in nearly every genre under the sun but I am particularly in love with her nonfiction work. I devoured the essay collection, Slouching Toward Bethlehem, and then began reading nearly everything she’d ever crafted. During this past summer I encountered a particular amount of loss. My mother says people always die in threes. It’s the laws of the universe. I found myself without the proper language to discuss the grief. I am hardly ever without the proper language for anything. It is the one way I know I can communicate with the world and myself. My words are my life. One afternoon I found on the bookshelf in my sisters’ home a copy of, The Year of Magical Thinking. It was as if someone had planted it there for me. I found what I didn’t even know I was looking for.

Places to Go: Bodega Bay

by Celeste Noche As I write this from my cold Portland apartment, the sun seems like a distant memory- a golden dream that I took for granted for the first 25 (or so) years of my life as a California native (well, that’s not exactly true- I grew up in a city known for its fog). But I digress. In August I spent a long weekend up- err, down- in Bodega Bay with two of my dearest friends and roommates from college, Anna and Jenna. In college, we used to joke about the fact that we liked to stay in and cook like Suzy Homemakers instead of going out and doing what all of the other college seniors did. This weekend wasn’t any different.

Ten Budget Backpacking Essentials

 by Ruby Bisson I came to Europe with a mere 4700€ ($6500) in my bank account for a 33 week trip- because I was impatient to leave Australia. I knew I didn’t have ‘enough’, I knew a budget this small meant that I wouldn’t be able to shop, let alone sleep in quiet, comfortable beds. I knew I’d have to sacrifice entering into a museum or two and I knew I’d have to take long buses instead of quick flights. But I wasn’t going to let money stop me from seeing the European landscape for the first time. I am driven to return in the future when I can afford that kind of trip, so why wait? Why not have this one as well? So far, I haven’t met a single soul with a smaller budget and I honestly believe it’s because there are misconceptions out there about money and travel that need to be addressed. For those vagabonds who are Uppers and Leavers, I want to share some helpful websites and tips that can …