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Christmas DIY Gifts: Mini cactuses in leather and balsa boxes

by Christina Sunario This year I managed to be more organised preparing all my handmade Christmas cards and gifts for friends and family. It did take me a while to decide what I should make for my work colleagues- initially I wanted to bake cookies but then I remembered that my baking skills are lacking… Then I considered buying some chocolates, making a few boxes, and wrapping them nicely with cute bows, but I felt that I wanted to give a more unique and exciting gift. I surfed on Pinterest and found pinspiration for: Mini cactuses in cute little boxes, simple and easy!

How I came to be a professional scrapbooker

by Ruby Bisson I’m often greeted with a lingering eyebrow raise when I reveal that the person I stay with a couple of times a year is actually a 40-something year old with a house and kids of her own and that, more importantly, I met online when I was 13. I get similar strange, distant looks when I say I am a “professional” scrapbooker. Immediately people assume I adhere to the ‘clean desk, straight lines, mum- material’ stereotype. I entered the small scrapbooking pocket of the internet in an unlikely way. In year seven I started making jewellery, selling my necklaces and earrings from a little pink box in the school yard. I would walk from group to group and open up my case of ziplock bags and let the seniors flick through what I had to offer. If they were cool, I’d offer them well below cost price (50c a pair!). If they brought lunch money to school every day I’d increase the price- having money at school wasn’t exciting for them so …

Made From Leather: necklaces, handles and tassels

by Christina Sunario I have always been a keen admirer of leather. Every time I see leather bags, shoes, wallets and accessories, I just can’t help myself! I love the fact that leather products last longer, I love the durability and the timeless style. Recently I had a bit of fun with a few DIY projects that involve this super material, feel free to have a look! Leather handles and hooks| This was a small project I worked on with my husband, we designed leather handles for our kitchen joinery. There aren’t many things you can do while you are  renting, but lease limitations have encouraged us to think outside the box!

Flower Power: the best flowers currently in season

by Lana Coletto So it turns out that our liberated parents of the 70’s, with their oversized lime green and hot pink velvet floral patterns, were onto something. Who-da-thunk it – flower power is a thing! Research has shown that having fresh bunches of flowers in our homes or workspaces, helps to enhance the moods of both females and males. The most noticeable changes were seen in the feelings of happiness, wellbeing, calm and intimacy. As a part- time florist, flowers take up huge amounts of my time and I can definitely vouch for their positive vibes. They make a room look brighter and more inviting, they make a fab gift, and let’s face it – they are just so pretty! We have to look at and touch so many ugly things each day, and flowers are such an easy and effective way to create a stylish and aesthetically pleasing space.