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Chuck Close Exhibition, MCA Sydney

by Christina Sunario I recently spent a relaxing Sunday at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, enjoying the much discussed Chuck Close exhibition. For a bit of background- Chuck Close is an artist from the states, he grew up in Seattle and he is now based in New York. He is well known for the portraits he produces, as well as his signature, unconventional and intricate technique. His portraits are of his family and friends (predominantly artists). As I strolled around the exhibit I couldn’t help but agree with common opinion, that his works are fascinating, that he is indeed a genius! I was also amazed to discover that he actually suffered from Prosopagnosia, a condition where you are not able to memorise facial distinction and therefore find it difficult to remember people’s faces (also known as face blindness).

All I want for Christmas is you. 

Erin Rose Christmas is a loaded holiday. Some of our earliest memories and home movies are of Christmas morning, sleepy eyed, and pajama clad stumbling down the hallway. Our parents sipped coffee, and sat back as some make believe man took all the credit for what they had done, what they had saved all year for. This season is filled with equal parts joy and anxiety– the hustle, the travels, the money, and the family time. But how do we sift through it? How can we distill the true essence of this season? I recently watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and I realised that as per usual, Mr. Dr. Seuss had the message perfectly wrapped up inside of those rhymes. The only reason the Grinch is such an asshole is because thinks Christmas is nothing more than consumerism, gaiety disguised in gluttony. He tries to destroy Christmas by stealing presents because he doesn’t believe it could go on existing without them. But to his astonishment, they sing their songs anyway! And he realizes, “It came …

Christmas DIY Gifts: Mini cactuses in leather and balsa boxes

by Christina Sunario This year I managed to be more organised preparing all my handmade Christmas cards and gifts for friends and family. It did take me a while to decide what I should make for my work colleagues- initially I wanted to bake cookies but then I remembered that my baking skills are lacking… Then I considered buying some chocolates, making a few boxes, and wrapping them nicely with cute bows, but I felt that I wanted to give a more unique and exciting gift. I surfed on Pinterest and found pinspiration for: Mini cactuses in cute little boxes, simple and easy!

Made From Leather: necklaces, handles and tassels

by Christina Sunario I have always been a keen admirer of leather. Every time I see leather bags, shoes, wallets and accessories, I just can’t help myself! I love the fact that leather products last longer, I love the durability and the timeless style. Recently I had a bit of fun with a few DIY projects that involve this super material, feel free to have a look! Leather handles and hooks| This was a small project I worked on with my husband, we designed leather handles for our kitchen joinery. There aren’t many things you can do while you are  renting, but lease limitations have encouraged us to think outside the box!

Places to go: Top three artisan precincts in Tokyo

by Christina Sunario I am smitten with Japanese design! I love its dynamics: simplicity and functionalism married with the richness of  traditional Japanese art and culture. And then, of course, there is the detail of Japanese craftsmanship- not to mention the extensive use of natural materials such as timber and bamboo. Love! During my recent trip to Tokyo, I came across numbers of artisan shops and was completely taken by them. Below are the top three artisan precincts that are worth a visit:

A Pilgrimage to Kumano Kodo

by Christina Sunario If you enjoy travel that encompasses nature, culture and history, you will love Kumano Kodo pilgrimage. One of the only two UNESCO protected heritage pilgrimage routes in the world (the other being the Santiago de Compostela in Spain), travelling the Kumano Kodo was an amazing experience for my husband and I, during a recent trip to Japan.