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Sydney Dance Company // Frame of Mind

by Elisa Parry Attending any Sydney Dance Company performance is always a humbling experience, and the opening night of Frame of Mind was no exception. The evening began with the Australian premiere of William Forsythe’s Quintett, followed by the world premiere of Rafael Bonachela’s Frame of Mind. Although Quintett has no narrative, it tells a powerful story. As its name would suggest, five dancers perform the piece, though at times it seems there must be more people on stage. Limbs flail and rage against the confines of the human frame, as if each dancer is trying to escape from each other and themselves. There is an animalistic element to William Forsythe’s choreography, interwoven with glimpses of playfulness and tenderness. Forsythe created the piece as a “love letter” to his wife who was dying of cancer. Through this lens the frustration and futility find resonance, as the dancers twist and contort, pushing the body beyond its limits. Quintett is an incredibly emotive and moving piece that leaves you almost winded from just watching. There is barely …

Shop Lately: Kitchen

Stainless Steel Straws $10US // Mignon Kitchen We enjoy swooning over pretty things as much as the next person (or blog), and because of this, we wanted to introduce you to our new seres: Shop Lately, where we select our favourite bits and pieces to cyberly window shop, or actually shop. Our first post is about all things kitchen, here are some things we have shopped lately…

Chuck Close Exhibition, MCA Sydney

by Christina Sunario I recently spent a relaxing Sunday at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, enjoying the much discussed Chuck Close exhibition. For a bit of background- Chuck Close is an artist from the states, he grew up in Seattle and he is now based in New York. He is well known for the portraits he produces, as well as his signature, unconventional and intricate technique. His portraits are of his family and friends (predominantly artists). As I strolled around the exhibit I couldn’t help but agree with common opinion, that his works are fascinating, that he is indeed a genius! I was also amazed to discover that he actually suffered from Prosopagnosia, a condition where you are not able to memorise facial distinction and therefore find it difficult to remember people’s faces (also known as face blindness).

Places to go: Top three artisan precincts in Tokyo

by Christina Sunario I am smitten with Japanese design! I love its dynamics: simplicity and functionalism married with the richness of  traditional Japanese art and culture. And then, of course, there is the detail of Japanese craftsmanship- not to mention the extensive use of natural materials such as timber and bamboo. Love! During my recent trip to Tokyo, I came across numbers of artisan shops and was completely taken by them. Below are the top three artisan precincts that are worth a visit:

Sydney Dance Company // Louder Than Words

by Elisa Parry If I couldn’t see every vertebrae of her back I would wonder if she was real, if she had weight, if she wasn’t just muscle and water – something fluid that spilt across the stage. Beneath the low hanging globes that arch cathedral-like from the ceiling, two women dressed in wine-red shifts collide with an almost violence. The music pulses an intermittent techno beat. They run fast frantic circles, only to come together again in anger, desperation, lust.