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Friday Links

What are you up to this weekend? Whether or not you decide to embrace the hallmark holiday, we hope your weekend involves all kinds of fun things. Here are some fun links on the internetz x Three dancers performing their male friendship- watch the 3 minute Bromance dance. (nymag) Macaron Icecream Sandwiches. Nuff said. (simmerandboyle) Rosie Waterland’s review of 50 Shades is ace. (mammamia) Instagram captures hearts with this account. How to be a male feminist. (esquire) An article about a blog dedicated to tracking Joanna Newsom’s fashion. (pitchfork) And here is a sweet video regarding the online chat… Top image from Super Rural.

Book Club: Tiny Beautiful Things, advice on love and life from Dear Sugar

by Erin Rose Let me start by saying this book is actually called, Tiny Beautiful Things, advice on love and life from Dear Sugar. But I didn’t even realize it until I went to write this, because I have always simply called it Dear Sugar, and I am going to continue to do exactly that here. So, I found Dear Sugar, or I suppose it’s more apt to say Dear Sugar found me, last spring in a bookstore in the small town I live in right now. A friend who, knowing I love Cheryl Strayed, thrust it upon me and insisted that it would truly be one of the best reads of my life. She and her mother had read it, both carrying it around with them in their purses for weeks. She said it was the kind of book you’ll be pulling out to loan to people or rereading yourself in the years to come. I love anyone who is passionate about reading, and I could tell she meant every word. Have I mentioned yet …

Shop Lately: Valentine’s Day cards, the funny and the sweet

$5.92 // emilymcdowelldraws  Can we all agree that Valentine’s Day can be a pretty awkward holiday? Okay, good. Now that that’s done, let’s get to the pretty type and cute sayings- if you can’t beat them, join them. Here are a few etsy cards for the long time lovers, fresh new things, and the unattached. Happy singles’ awareness day! x

Happy Friday Links

 Have a whimsical weekend… This family. A house designed to hang off a cliff, and literally living on the edge. 50 non- cliché places to travel to in your twenties. Why women aren’t welcome on the internet. Celebs in trenches. Have you checked out Openhouse Magazine? These illustrations by Bernadette Pascua are just right. Top image by Blanca Gómez for Kireei Magazine.

Words from Collette Dinnigan: Obsessive Creative

by Amy Galea As I was moving house recently, I came across these quotes by Collette Dinnigan that I had noted down when I saw her at the Sydney Writers’ Festival last year. She was speaking about her book, Obsessive Creative, but the interview also covered her career, where she collects inspiration from, and how she desires to ‘paint pictures’ with her work. She is one of Australia’s most successful fashion designers, and yet she spoke with a sort of understated tone- she seems like the kind of person who will say the most beautiful things, without realising how poetic they are. Here are a few snippets of her interview:

Shop Lately: Kitchen

Stainless Steel Straws $10US // Mignon Kitchen We enjoy swooning over pretty things as much as the next person (or blog), and because of this, we wanted to introduce you to our new seres: Shop Lately, where we select our favourite bits and pieces to cyberly window shop, or actually shop. Our first post is about all things kitchen, here are some things we have shopped lately…

Pittwater YHA, the ultimate weekend getaway

by Elisa Parry Sarah is rarely serious. She is one of the most effervescent people I know, you can almost hear her laughter bubbling beneath each word before it spills out at the end of a sentence. But right now she lowers her voice and lays a hand on my arm as we walk. “You should always take a torch into the bush with you.” My iPhone illuminates our feet chasing the small arc of light into the night. “The other night, it was a full moon so I thought I wouldn’t bother. Then right there in front of me on the path was a Death Adder!” I keep my eyes on the ground, regretting my choice of thongs. I shine the light a little further up ahead. Death Adders are suddenly transformed into branches, shadows, piles of leaves. There are only six of us marching down from the Hostel, but in the quiet of the night we sound like an army. “It’s time to turn off the torch now.” I reluctantly flick the switch. …