About Us


Welcome to Wallflower at the Disco!

This collaborative project has been put together by a bunch of writers, artists, designers and photographers from around Australia (with a few international ring-ins for good measure).

We want this to be a lively and inspiring space, where stories are told and beautiful moments are heard.

We update every Monday and Thursday and our posts include interviews, essays, short stories, opinion pieces and photo essays. If you wander around our site you will discover places to visit, funny and serious and sad stories, book and film musings, as well as photos and illustrations that might just take your breath away.

Our two rules for being a part of this community are: be smart and be nice (that includes you, Anonymous). All images are credited at the end of each post, if we have not credited you correctly, please let us know.

We love hearing feedback, suggestions and chatting with our readers. If you want to get in contact or join in, please say hello at amyatwadblog@gmail.com.

Find out more about the concept behind this project, here.
Find out more about our contributors, here.

Photo by Chalsie Mew.


  1. Ruby I so loved reading about Why I talk to Strangers..BTW it was a great catchy title. Also had to laugh of the pic. of you with grapes on your face…very creative idea!!!!
    Diane from Just Cute!!!

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