Ruby Bisson, The Travellers
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Driving to Scandinavia

by Ruby Bisson The vast, desolate  Scandinavian landscape, barren and cold, blurred into a sea of blues and greens beside us. We were driving 200km/h and belting out Beyonce’s ‘XO’ as loud as we could. Two Australians, two Swiss and a Catalonian. The five of us took the week off, driving across three countries in a hired BMW to escape from the unforeseen workload that comes with studying and to revel in each other’s cultures and interests. On our laps were piles of cheap groceries that later left us paralysed with cramps and pains. In the boot were bedding and clothes and anything we could find from our pantries. img_2992 We drove to a little wooden cabin in the Danish forests, where pebbles lined the beaches and jellyfish were embedded in the sand, leaves were the colour of sunkissed cheeks and the backyard shed was lined with firewood. img_2976 We baked three loaves of bread, brownies, gingerbreads and cooked countless flavoursome dinners. We painted our nails Jungle Red and watched rom coms in the comfort of our little house. We drank wine and played cards and shared secrets curled up on the lounge. We ate Swiss chocolate with bed socks and face masks on when the winter sun began to set. img_2996 We were close to the coast, and in our coats and scarves and beanies walked through the forest on the maze of dirt roads to the beach. img_2994 The water was flat, unlike anything I have ever seen on the coastline of a country. It was grey and gloomy, but beautiful in its simplicity. img_3003 img_3001 We drove into Copenhagen, basking in Scandinavian design and took comfort from the cold in underground Danish bakeries. We visited Freetown Christiania and sat by the water and talked philosophy, the smell of burning marijuana blanketing the anarchist state.
img_3005 img_2997 We laughed until we cried and cried until we laughed, growing in our friendship, in our understanding of human connection and of differing experiences. These were girls I could talk literature and art with, girls I could rant about family and boys to. The bond was warm, strong and felt unbreakable. img_30041 The five of us are now scattered about the earth, living our own little lives in our own little worlds. I vow never to devalue the connection that we had, and the power that a group of women can culminate. These girls made my journey in another continent more meaningful and I am thankful that once upon a time, we sat as strangers in the same corner of our Utopian Imagination tutorial class and decided grab hot chocolates. I miss you, girls. Our journey together really freaking rocked. img_2971   All shots fired on a pentaxp30 film camera scavenged from the markets in Amsterdam, by Ruby Bisson.

10811506_10202951955712062_856751064_nRuby is a university student who is best known for her creative methods in avoiding class. She prefers to gallivant in forests and under waterfalls, attempt pottery and mixed media and read novels completely unrelated to her degree. She is loud and messy and contemplative and struggles to stay in one place for an extended period of time. You can usually figure out her location via her blog/ Instagram.

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