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Two hours in Venice

by Celeste Noche

I was travelling from Ljubljana and the Slovenian carpool I’d taken dropped me off in Venice so I could catch my train to Florence. I’d been to Venice once before: it was March of 2010, I hadn’t fully transitioned to shooting in manual (see here and here), and I caught a cold.

This time was different. It was late summer, it was still fairly busy with people, and I had two hours. I had big plans to find an old bookshop but, of course, got lost. I think it worked out better this way. I caught glances of quiet squares and deserted canals. It was past noon and although the sun hadn’t quite hit golden hour, it allowed me to see the city in a warmth I had missed that March years ago.

And even though I ended up in a panic, not sure if I’d make it back in time for my train, it was well worth it, because seeing Venice always is.

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All photos by Celeste Noche. A version of this post first appeared here.

celeste profileCeleste is a California native whose life dream is to travel the world and share her stories through photographs. Based in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA, she enjoys photographing everything from food and travel, to people and weddings, with real moments being the common thread throughout. She began her blog, Wanderlogue, five years ago and still dedicates the space to sharing her adventures. Instagram has become a close friend, too.

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