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A web series you should watch right now: The Katering Show

We all know that web series are the TV shows of the future (it’s pretty much what House of Cards is, let’s be honest). And recently The Katering Show has had thousands of Aussies all over our sunburnt land grinning wryly.

The Katering Show exhibits the careful timing of comedians (writers, actors, etc), Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney, as they dive into the ever trending, sometimes gut wrenching world of The Food Revolution (think organic food markets, pinterest cupcakes and all the quinoa your gout desires). It is a brilliant parody of all of the things we love to love and love to hate, and aspects of the food-crazed social media sphere that (we must admit) are simply ridiculous. And I haven’t even mentioned the Booze Revooze.

Now I can’t tell how this web series will translate globally- I’m not sure whether I’m laughing half the time because they sound like poorly edited episodes of Better Homes and Gardens, or because their syntax is not dissimilar to Huey’s Cooking Adventures. But I do find it hilarious and would love nothing more than to have them cook me gluten free pizza and then drink wine together while gossiping in the gutter.

During episode 3 the girls parody Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar campaign (Sarah responds to the episode here). Let’s hope there are more episodes in the making!


If you want to go straight to the first episode start here.

Find out more about The Katering Show here.

Top image found here.

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