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Shop Lately: Valentine’s Day cards, the funny and the sweet


$5.92 // emilymcdowelldraws

 Can we all agree that Valentine’s Day can be a pretty awkward holiday? Okay, good. Now that that’s done, let’s get to the pretty type and cute sayings- if you can’t beat them, join them.

Here are a few etsy cards for the long time lovers, fresh new things, and the unattached.

Happy singles’ awareness day! x

il_570xN.710574442_pesc$5.92 // Foxandwit


$5.92AUD // HappyDappyBitsil_570xN.550113648_d1on$5.92AUD // emilymcdowelldraws

il_570xN.550205989_eemq$5.92AUD // emilymcdowelldraws

il_570xN.655739084_68uo$5.26 // PAGEFIFTYFIVE

il_570xN.546288675_ydqw$5.26AUD // PAGEFIFTYFIVEil_570xN.716958116_ivhv

$6.58AUD // Peachpod Paperie


$6.58AUD // Freckle Smile

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