Friday Round Up
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Happy Friday Links


What are you up to this weekend? A few of our Australian contributors are currently abroad-  Chalsie is travelling through China, Christina through Indonesia and Ruby is soaking up her last days in Europe before returning home to Sydney (which we are oh so glad about)! For the rest of us who are not having amazing travel experiences at present, here are a few links to click through.

Maybe follow the Olsen motto and live your weekend in style. x

 5 Websites for Job Hunting Success

For those in the darkness of winter- cold weather everything fashion

Get in my tummy: Popcorn. Toffee. Crack. Bars.

Make your home look like this Spanish library loft

Read How Critics Have Failed Female Filmmakers

The Best Super Bowl Ads (so far)

Bri’s closet makeover is just lovely

One of the most popular articles of Jan, and the 36 questions you need to fall in lurve.

And the real 36 questions you need to make it work.

Image via whataroleplayerneeds

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