Month: January 2015

Happy Friday Links

What are you up to this weekend? A few of our Australian contributors are currently abroad-  Chalsie is travelling through China, Christina through Indonesia and Ruby is soaking up her last days in Europe before returning home to Sydney (which we are oh so glad about)! For the rest of us who are not having amazing travel experiences at present, here are a few links to click through. Maybe follow the Olsen motto and live your weekend in style. x  5 Websites for Job Hunting Success For those in the darkness of winter- cold weather everything fashion Get in my tummy: Popcorn. Toffee. Crack. Bars. Make your home look like this Spanish library loft Read How Critics Have Failed Female Filmmakers The Best Super Bowl Ads (so far) Bri’s closet makeover is just lovely One of the most popular articles of Jan, and the 36 questions you need to fall in lurve. And the real 36 questions you need to make it work. Image via whataroleplayerneeds

Chuck Close Exhibition, MCA Sydney

by Christina Sunario I recently spent a relaxing Sunday at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, enjoying the much discussed Chuck Close exhibition. For a bit of background- Chuck Close is an artist from the states, he grew up in Seattle and he is now based in New York. He is well known for the portraits he produces, as well as his signature, unconventional and intricate technique. His portraits are of his family and friends (predominantly artists). As I strolled around the exhibit I couldn’t help but agree with common opinion, that his works are fascinating, that he is indeed a genius! I was also amazed to discover that he actually suffered from Prosopagnosia, a condition where you are not able to memorise facial distinction and therefore find it difficult to remember people’s faces (also known as face blindness).

Ballad of the Hothouse Flower

by Devan Boyle Mrs. Witterly is of a very excitable nature, very delicate, very fragile, a hothouse plant. Nicholas Nickelby Or, seasonal habits of the highly sensitive. I sometimes refer to myself as a hothouse flower. In unkinder terms: fussy, a whiner. There’s a part of me that needs coddling, thrives under optimal conditions of heat and light, is sensitive in the extreme to its likes and dislikes, no matter how big or small. I need exact directions, a little handholding, an extra sweater, a handkerchief to sniffle into, the right kind of pants, information about the immediate future— when do we get to go home? will there be a place to seat? who is going to be there? Having no other option in the interest of my sanity, I’ve come to think of these predilections toward comfort as essentially positive traits, with positive outcomes. I fancy that there is a grace to my delicacy, the noble sheen of a wish for a better, more pleasant life in my constant need to monitor. If I’m …

Happy Friday Links

We hope you’ve had a productive and interesting week! Monday in Straya is our national Australia Day, which means it is a day of beach, sun, BBQs, Triple J’s Hottest 100, beer and dancing! Because of this we’ll be posting on Tuesday next week. Have a lovely weekend! x You probably need to watch this again. 31 dresses you can just chuck on and head to work! If only. How Fashion Helped Defeat 18th-Century Anti-Vaxxers. This quiet short film Night in a Hotel, based on the German short story. The best ads of 2015 (which is your favourite?). Have you read this interview with David Mitchell? Oh em gee must try Joy’s pistachio donut recipe. The Bondi Hipsters have a lot to say about Tay Tay protesters (re her entry in the Hottest 100). Top image by Glendyn Ivin, from season two of Puberty Blues.

Anna and her tiramisu

by Celeste Noche Anna is not a chef— she’s a nonna. That’s not to say she couldn’t cook on par with Mario Batali (omg that’d be the best Iron Chef battle ever) but rather, she doesn’t view herself as an expert in what she does even if I (and the rest of the DaVinci fam) might beg to differ. Not being a chef is what makes her special— she’s not an expert because she has no need to study or become a master— all of her skills and knowledge are innately part of who she is. She is a chef as much as she is a person but mostly, she’s a nonna. Every Sunday, Anna makes tiramisu for her family. She’s been married for 51 years to her husband Edo and they are the proud parents of two daughters and five grandchildren. When I asked her how she learned to cook, she didn’t have much to say except that what she knew only came from being in the kitchen with her own mother and mother-in-law. …

Movies without the Happily Ever After

by Amy Galea This post contains spoilers. However all of the films mentioned are more than two years old, so we decided that they’re all past the ‘spoiler statute of limitations’. Don’t get me wrong, I love films where love conquers all. Where, usually towards the end, she realises she’s too flighty or high- strung and he stops being either a drop kick or a womaniser (the two roles for men in Rom Coms). I love those great finale speeches: the “I hate it when you—” declarations that everyone knows actually means, “I love you, I’ve gotten over myself, we can be together now. ” And I particularly enjoy a good running scene where one character needs to tell the other how they feel, this usually happens at a wedding ceremony, or in the rain, or at a wedding ceremony in the rain. However, sometimes you need to take a breath, ‘take a break’ and look for something a little less aspiring, but a little more comforting. Because the dating world is tough. What’s more, even when …

Happy Friday!

This year we will be putting up a bunch of our favourite links from around the web each friday. This is mostly because the weekend is so close! We hope you soak up the sun (or adventure through the snow), take time to relax and read and listen and drink tea. x   A super cute DIY for watercolour table numbers (that double as water bottles!). A few scribbles of Revolutionary Women in the Arts. Oscar fashion over the years. Remember Hugh’s opening number? In case you missed these incredible photos. Take Me To Church sounds even better with a “magnifique surprise” gospel choir. Funny article about why it’s time to let it go of Let it Go. Andrea Costantini’s Where is my Mind series. Mermaids are real. And even though you’ve probably seen it, Maroon 5. Top image by Gray Malin- see more here.