Amy Galea, Ruby Bisson
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Happy Holidays- see you in the new year!


We interrupt this blogging schedule to let you know that we’re going on holidays for two weeks!

We’ve had an absolute ball tackling this collaborative blogging business with all of you- and we don’t even know who a lot of you are! But we are glad you keep coming back to us.

We’ve received such lovely comments and emails and suggestions- and we really appreciate it. And most excitingly- we’ve collected new contributors from around the globe.

So we’re going to go away, some of us to the beach, to bask in the glorious sun, others will be chillin’ in their thermals, by the fire.

We will be back on the 12th January, with a slightly altered name, a new look, new series and new contributors.

We wish you a merry, happy, delicious Christmas!

Much love from the editors,

Amy and  Ruby


Image via mydarknessfalls

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