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Places to Go: Bodega Bay

by Celeste Noche

As I write this from my cold Portland apartment, the sun seems like a distant memory- a golden dream that I took for granted for the first 25 (or so) years of my life as a California native (well, that’s not exactly true- I grew up in a city known for its fog). But I digress.

In August I spent a long weekend up- err, down- in Bodega Bay with two of my dearest friends and roommates from college, Anna and Jenna. In college, we used to joke about the fact that we liked to stay in and cook like Suzy Homemakers instead of going out and doing what all of the other college seniors did. This weekend wasn’t any different.


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2122If you go:

1. We stayed in this adooooorable Airbnb.

2. Morning coffee and pastries at Wild Flour are a must.

3. Visiting the Point Reyes Lighthouse offers a gorgeous view but as a fellow visitor remarked during the 500+ stairs on the way back up, “it’s not worth it.” (That’s a joke, kind of.)

4. Hog Island Oyster is a quick 30-minute drive away. Plan ahead, book a table, and bring a picnic.

5. Make this cioppino for dinner, serve with bread from Wild Flour, then have a Say Yes to the Dress marathon even though none of you have plans to get married anytime soon.

6. Oh, and ice cream! Don’t forget the ice cream.

All images by Celeste Noche, originally posted on her blog.

celeste profileCeleste is a California native whose life dream is to travel the world and share her stories through photographs. Based in Portland, OR and San Francisco, CA, she enjoys photographing everything from food and travel to people and weddings, with real moments being the common thread throughout. She began her blog, Wanderlogue, five years ago and still dedicates the space to sharing her adventures. Instagram has become a close friend, too.

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