Month: December 2014

Happy Holidays- see you in the new year!

We interrupt this blogging schedule to let you know that we’re going on holidays for two weeks! We’ve had an absolute ball tackling this collaborative blogging business with all of you- and we don’t even know who a lot of you are! But we are glad you keep coming back to us. We’ve received such lovely comments and emails and suggestions- and we really appreciate it. And most excitingly- we’ve collected new contributors from around the globe. So we’re going to go away, some of us to the beach, to bask in the glorious sun, others will be chillin’ in their thermals, by the fire. We will be back on the 12th January, with a slightly altered name, a new look, new series and new contributors. We wish you a merry, happy, delicious Christmas! Much love from the editors, Amy and  Ruby x Image via mydarknessfalls

All I want for Christmas is you. 

Erin Rose Christmas is a loaded holiday. Some of our earliest memories and home movies are of Christmas morning, sleepy eyed, and pajama clad stumbling down the hallway. Our parents sipped coffee, and sat back as some make believe man took all the credit for what they had done, what they had saved all year for. This season is filled with equal parts joy and anxiety– the hustle, the travels, the money, and the family time. But how do we sift through it? How can we distill the true essence of this season? I recently watched How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and I realised that as per usual, Mr. Dr. Seuss had the message perfectly wrapped up inside of those rhymes. The only reason the Grinch is such an asshole is because thinks Christmas is nothing more than consumerism, gaiety disguised in gluttony. He tries to destroy Christmas by stealing presents because he doesn’t believe it could go on existing without them. But to his astonishment, they sing their songs anyway! And he realizes, “It came …

Christmas DIY Gifts: Mini cactuses in leather and balsa boxes

by Christina Sunario This year I managed to be more organised preparing all my handmade Christmas cards and gifts for friends and family. It did take me a while to decide what I should make for my work colleagues- initially I wanted to bake cookies but then I remembered that my baking skills are lacking… Then I considered buying some chocolates, making a few boxes, and wrapping them nicely with cute bows, but I felt that I wanted to give a more unique and exciting gift. I surfed on Pinterest and found pinspiration for: Mini cactuses in cute little boxes, simple and easy!

How I came to be a professional scrapbooker

by Ruby Bisson I’m often greeted with a lingering eyebrow raise when I reveal that the person I stay with a couple of times a year is actually a 40-something year old with a house and kids of her own and that, more importantly, I met online when I was 13. I get similar strange, distant looks when I say I am a “professional” scrapbooker. Immediately people assume I adhere to the ‘clean desk, straight lines, mum- material’ stereotype. I entered the small scrapbooking pocket of the internet in an unlikely way. In year seven I started making jewellery, selling my necklaces and earrings from a little pink box in the school yard. I would walk from group to group and open up my case of ziplock bags and let the seniors flick through what I had to offer. If they were cool, I’d offer them well below cost price (50c a pair!). If they brought lunch money to school every day I’d increase the price- having money at school wasn’t exciting for them so …

Boyhood: seized by the nothing moments

by Amy Galea We all come to that point in our lives where we admit, to ourselves, and to others, that we are neck- deep in a reality television series with no hope and no desire of getting out. For me it was Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. I had just started a five-week teaching internship and whether it made me reminiscent for high school in the early 2000’s, or if I just wanted some drama in my otherwise low- key life, I became an expert on all things LC, Heidi, Spencer and the world of LA (yes, after Laguna I moved on to LC’s life on The Hills, no judgey please). People have a lot to say about reality television (including Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart doing their Emmy ‘bit’). The fact that I enjoyed watching the Hills girls whose parents funded their designer life- while I worked full time without pay in order to finish my degree- probably tells you more about my need to escape than the level of quality television I was watching. …

Book Club: The Year of Magical Thinking, Joan Didion

by Erin Rose Joan Didion is a master of words. Her work, her career, her ease with language is something that both inspires and frightens me. She has written in nearly every genre under the sun but I am particularly in love with her nonfiction work. I devoured the essay collection, Slouching Toward Bethlehem, and then began reading nearly everything she’d ever crafted. During this past summer I encountered a particular amount of loss. My mother says people always die in threes. It’s the laws of the universe. I found myself without the proper language to discuss the grief. I am hardly ever without the proper language for anything. It is the one way I know I can communicate with the world and myself. My words are my life. One afternoon I found on the bookshelf in my sisters’ home a copy of, The Year of Magical Thinking. It was as if someone had planted it there for me. I found what I didn’t even know I was looking for.

Places to Go: Bodega Bay

by Celeste Noche As I write this from my cold Portland apartment, the sun seems like a distant memory- a golden dream that I took for granted for the first 25 (or so) years of my life as a California native (well, that’s not exactly true- I grew up in a city known for its fog). But I digress. In August I spent a long weekend up- err, down- in Bodega Bay with two of my dearest friends and roommates from college, Anna and Jenna. In college, we used to joke about the fact that we liked to stay in and cook like Suzy Homemakers instead of going out and doing what all of the other college seniors did. This weekend wasn’t any different.