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Made From Leather: necklaces, handles and tassels


by Christina Sunario

I have always been a keen admirer of leather. Every time I see leather bags, shoes, wallets and accessories, I just can’t help myself! I love the fact that leather products last longer, I love the durability and the timeless style.

Recently I had a bit of fun with a few DIY projects that involve this super material, feel free to have a look!

Leather handles and hooks|

leather handle 1

This was a small project I worked on with my husband, we designed leather handles for our kitchen joinery. There aren’t many things you can do while you are  renting, but lease limitations have encouraged us to think outside the box!

Our kitchen came with standard white cupboards, white bench tops, and white plastic handles. We thought replacing the handles might add a snazzy accent to our kitchen.

leather handle 31. Measure your existing handles

2. Cut a piece of leather with your desired dimensions. I made each handle 12 cm x 1,5 cm with a square edge. You might also make the edge rounded. Tip: use thick leather to make it strong enough to use as a handle.

3. Cut two holes on each end to fit the screws.

4. Undo your existing handles and screw in your new ones.

In a couple of hours you’ll be happy seeing your new kitchen look! To complete the look, I bought a peg board from bunnings to hang our kitchen utensils and I also made a couple of leather hooks.

new handle

Leather Tassels|

leather tassel 3_resized

This 15-minute leather tassel project is very easy and fun. You can modify the tassel with your own design and make them into necklaces, key chains or decorations.

1. Cut a piece of leather with a rectangular shape in the size that you want. The longer you make it, the chunkier your leather tassel will be.

2. Pencil your leather as a guide for you to cut the fringe (I made mine 50mm apart).

3. Use your knife or rotary cutter to create the fringe

4. The last thing you need to do is “glue and roll”. You can use any glue but I found a glue gun does a really good job.

There is something special about accessories that you’ve crafted yourself. One day, I was wearing my leather tassel necklace as I walked into an elevator and a guy pointed to my necklace and asked me “What is that you are wearing? Did you make it yourself? It looks nice! I think my mom has a similar one”. Sometimes even strangers appreciate it.

leather tassel 1

Leather straps|

leather strap 2

Instead of using my tea towels to wipe my dishes, I sometimes use them as decorations instead (they are just too pretty). Instead of framing them, I hung them up with leather straps:

1. I hung a wooden rod from my husband’s carpentry collection on the wall.

2. I glued two strips of leather onto my tea towel (remember, a glue gun works a treat!).

3. I combined them together and voila! The leather straps add sweet detail, turning it into artwork.

leather strap 1

 Leather necklace|

leather necklace

You can also craft your own necklaces with various designs and patterns- I made this in two simple steps:

1. Cut the patterns that you like, I used my favourite geometric pattern.

2. Simply attach the leather pieces to string and you are done with your personalised necklace.

There are numerous things you can do with your leather, have fun being creative!


All photos by Christina Sunario





Christina Sunario works at an architectural studio in Sydney. She loves to spend her spare time decorating and styling as well as diving into her latest crafty project (her favourite materials include timber and leather). She shares her works on Instagram  and her blog.

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