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Flower Power: the best flowers currently in season

by Lana Coletto

So it turns out that our liberated parents of the 70’s, with their oversized lime green and hot pink velvet floral patterns, were onto something. Who-da-thunk it – flower power is a thing! Research has shown that having fresh bunches of flowers in our homes or workspaces, helps to enhance the moods of both females and males. The most noticeable changes were seen in the feelings of happiness, wellbeing, calm and intimacy.

As a part- time florist, flowers take up huge amounts of my time and I can definitely vouch for their positive vibes. They make a room look brighter and more inviting, they make a fab gift, and let’s face it – they are just so pretty! We have to look at and touch so many ugly things each day, and flowers are such an easy and effective way to create a stylish and aesthetically pleasing space.

While we (here in Australia) are still smack bang in the middle of a delicious spring, I have popped together a little list of  my favourite ‘in season’ flowers, where to find them and a few tips on how to get the most out of your blooms.


Rununculi- so beautiful! They are only around for a short time, (Sep and Oct) so make the most of them. The range of colours is amazing – white, yellow, orange, red, pink and a deep velvet purple. I use them to absolute death while they are in season and everyone seems to love them!

Anemones- these are little beauts! Coming in bright oranges, hot pinks, deep violets and fresh whites, they look fab in a low, squat vessell and put on a coffee table for a splash of Spring. They make an appearance in Oct/Nov.

Dahlias- one of my personal favourites. You won’t see them until November usually. They are like floral fireworks! So much fun and colour. Cluster some together in a taller vase, perfect for a dining table or hallway.

Hydrangeas- Another November baby. They come in calming pinks, lilacs, blues and whites, they will add a beautiful pastel softness to whatever room they are put in.

Peony- Such a cult flower. And for good reason. They are hot! Try and buy them as buds so that you get the full effect of them opening up. They get huge. Again I prefer these guys in a shorter vessel, another perfect dining room/coffee table pleaser. Available Oct – Nov


Where to find them:

While there is nothing wrong with going to a florist or a supermarket to get your flower fix, trips to the markets are fun! I love it. I bring my partner and we turn it into a morning trip. We get our coffee and he gets his croissant and then off we go! An added bonus is that buying them direct often means a cheaper price– more bang for buck = more flowers for you!

Below I have listed a few places that I have sourced, places that seem to have a great range. Before going, do check their opening hours. Many markets open early and close early. You don’t want miss out so it’s worth a check before you go!

Sydney: Sydney Flower Markets, 250-318 Parramatta Rd, Sydney Markets
Melbourne: Melbourne Markets, 542 Footscray Rd West Melbourne

Perth: Everbloom Flowers Pty Ltd, 28 Northwood Street, Leederville
Canberra: Wiffens, Fyshwick Markets, 12 Dalby Street Fyshwick
Brisbane: Rocklea Flower Markets, 385 Sherwood Road

How to care for them:

When you get your flowers home, make sure you chop the ends before putting them in your vessel. Even if you want to keep them at the length they are, just snip the ends off. On an angle is better, but don’t stress too much. This allows the flower to absorb and drink the water to their hearts content.

Make sure you remove any foliage/leaves that are going to be sitting below the water line. As they will be sitting in water, the foliage will rot and pollute the water, shortening the life span of your blooms.


All photos by Lana Coletto. See more of her work with Blossom and Thorn, here.



lana-profile-picLana originally studied fashion business hoping to work in the publication world before ditching fashion for furniture and flowers. Now residing in Perth, WA she is currently working at one of Australia’s leading furniture providers and runs a floristry business, Blossom & Thorn on the side.  Her boston terrier Lola, good design, good food and good company all rank high on list of priorities and are all documented pretty regularly (almost too regularly?) on her blog/Instagram.


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