Month: October 2014

20 life lessons I learned on the Trans-Mongolian railway

by Matilda Grogan In August, my boyfriend and I spent three weeks travelling the 8000km from Beijing to St Petersburg overland on the Trans-Mongolian railway. It’s kind of the train trip of a lifetime, an incredible journey, and definitely an experience that teaches you a few things (disclaimer: life lessons may be extremely specific to the Trans-Mongolian railway).

Places to go: Top three artisan precincts in Tokyo

by Christina Sunario I am smitten with Japanese design! I love its dynamics: simplicity and functionalism married with the richness of  traditional Japanese art and culture. And then, of course, there is the detail of Japanese craftsmanship- not to mention the extensive use of natural materials such as timber and bamboo. Love! During my recent trip to Tokyo, I came across numbers of artisan shops and was completely taken by them. Below are the top three artisan precincts that are worth a visit:

Ten Budget Backpacking Essentials

 by Ruby Bisson I came to Europe with a mere 4700€ ($6500) in my bank account for a 33 week trip- because I was impatient to leave Australia. I knew I didn’t have ‘enough’, I knew a budget this small meant that I wouldn’t be able to shop, let alone sleep in quiet, comfortable beds. I knew I’d have to sacrifice entering into a museum or two and I knew I’d have to take long buses instead of quick flights. But I wasn’t going to let money stop me from seeing the European landscape for the first time. I am driven to return in the future when I can afford that kind of trip, so why wait? Why not have this one as well? So far, I haven’t met a single soul with a smaller budget and I honestly believe it’s because there are misconceptions out there about money and travel that need to be addressed. For those vagabonds who are Uppers and Leavers, I want to share some helpful websites and tips that can …

Flower Power: the best flowers currently in season

by Lana Coletto So it turns out that our liberated parents of the 70’s, with their oversized lime green and hot pink velvet floral patterns, were onto something. Who-da-thunk it – flower power is a thing! Research has shown that having fresh bunches of flowers in our homes or workspaces, helps to enhance the moods of both females and males. The most noticeable changes were seen in the feelings of happiness, wellbeing, calm and intimacy. As a part- time florist, flowers take up huge amounts of my time and I can definitely vouch for their positive vibes. They make a room look brighter and more inviting, they make a fab gift, and let’s face it – they are just so pretty! We have to look at and touch so many ugly things each day, and flowers are such an easy and effective way to create a stylish and aesthetically pleasing space.

Why I Go To The Movies By Myself

by Amy Galea You’ve been there. It’s an early date, maybe the second or third. You’re not sure what he’s expecting- does he even want to watch the film? Was that why he let you pick it? And then, if he does just want to have a quick pash (best, grossest word ever), how do you tell him “why thank you kind sir, but I really want to watch the movie”? This is a reason, though not the sole one, why I like to go to movies by myself.

Places to go: The Yarra Valley

by Chalsie Mew Weekends were made for adventure. Those two days off each week are the perfect reason to escape the city and explore the unknown. Why not take advantage of your weekends off to explore your home town? You know the language, you have access to a car, and there are no exchange rates! During winter I was seeking an escape. Them winter-blues had hit hard and I was dreaming of jumping on the next plan out of Melbourne. I then realised that I’d never been to the Yarra Valley before, and much to my surprise, it’s only an hours drive outside of Melbourne’s CBD. Not to mention it offers up our favourite things: food, drink and fresh air.

Sydney Dance Company // Louder Than Words

by Elisa Parry If I couldn’t see every vertebrae of her back I would wonder if she was real, if she had weight, if she wasn’t just muscle and water – something fluid that spilt across the stage. Beneath the low hanging globes that arch cathedral-like from the ceiling, two women dressed in wine-red shifts collide with an almost violence. The music pulses an intermittent techno beat. They run fast frantic circles, only to come together again in anger, desperation, lust.