Month: September 2014

Places to go: Nature walks, swims and views in Sydney

by Ruby Bisson Hikes Pigeon House Mountain, 2.5kms (from Sydney: 3 hours & 30 minutes) For an incredible 360 degree view of the Australian landscape and coastline, this is definitely a must. Pack a picnic and plenty of water; take the coastal route when driving and your day will be the perfect balance of beach and bush scenery. The entry into the forest is on a dirt road and this

The Worst Cover Letter Ever

My name is Devan Boyle and I am delighted to express my interest in the position of Venue Manager for the [Redacted] Theatre. My personal experiences performing and participating in theatrical productions make the position interesting to me; it is my hope that my professional experiences in nonprofits, customer service, and the arts make me interesting to you. At the risk of impudence, let me be frank: the concept of a traditional cover letter undoes me. By now you’ve probably read dozens written for this job, some professional, some appalling, most riddled with typos at the least and egregious grammar at the worst. I’m offering something a little different, and it’s no cover.

Colours of the World

by Kelsey Oke I am sitting at a table made of bamboo at a café on the beach. Looking straight ahead, the deep aqua blue of the ocean rolls on by with the warm, salty 30-degree wind. I could feel that ocean on my skin if I took 15 steps forward. For now it is golden sand between my toes, fresh mango juice on ice and the shade of a dozen palm trees overhead. Flowers of purple and red, yellow and white frame this lunchtime view, the island of Koh Phangan in the near distance.

Places to go: Perth coffee, food, shops and surf

by Lana Coletto Little ole Perth, all on our lonesome over here in the West. It’s okay, you can be honest— I am almost 98% sure that travelling across to Perth hasn’t even crossed your mind. It certainly isn’t known for its culture and coffee like Melbs or for the city slickness of Sydney. But as a former Eastern Stater I can honestly say that I love this city!